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TSM Forum Guidance

Post by drakang » Fri Apr 28, 2017 7:45 pm

Joining The Silent Minority - Application Information

Step one Register on this Forum to gain access to the area to post an application to join TSM or to Guest raid with TSM. Then Contact Drakang in game to get permissions to be able to post.

Info on Guest Raiding
So you heard about the best guild on the server but just can't bear to leave the one your in. Well we do allow guest raiders. TSM has some guests that have higher raid attendance and have been around longer than alot of our members. Every single one of them knows they can get booted at any time for a member. Our guests have helped us get where we are today.

We highly value our guests but not as much as our members.

If you are still interested in guest raiding with TSM here is what you have to do.

1. Remember that guests are not members. If we need space in raid your the first to go. If your the newest guest expect to get booted first. If you want to complain about getting booted do it to yourself and not in game since you have been warned.

2. Meet Guild app minimums. Those are there to ensure your not simply something to rez or blow tons of mana on healing.

Info on Applying to Join TSM

Greetings, Prospective new Member!

By starting a new application thread on the forum, you state that you have read, understood, and intend to abide by the charter posted on these forums. Note minimum requirement for all classes is 105th level and 8000 AAs most classes also have a desired HP level due to the AEs in TDS raids.

If apping to a class closed to all but exceptional applicants you can guest raid with us for 30 days when there is room and we will decide if you will be allowed to app or not. Classes marked closed are just that and no applicants will be accepted at this time. Check back later as things do change.

Be prepared to post a well written app following the below guidance once you do have access.

First go to http://www.thesilentminority.net/
Register there then click the My data then My character selections and add your character.

Include in your new thread (for the character(s) you would intend to have join us):
•Character name(s).
•Character race(s)/class(es).
•Character level(s).
•Character AAs.
•Unbuffed HPs
•Resistances: Confirm that they are 870 (except Corruption) if not get busy.
•Your Sponsor’s name (See note below)
•Any previous guilds you may have been in and why you left them.
•Flags you have (TBM raid wins)
•Playing times, timezone and the like...

Note tell us a little about yourself. If you can't take the time to provide a decent application post then we probably can't take the time to accept it. Apps without information about the persons game history and a little about the person behind the toon will be disregarded.

Class Minimums to Apply to TSM: Level 105. All resists maxed.

AA requirements

Code: Select all

class           min req
bard            12600
beastlord       14400
berserker       11000
cleric          13400
druid           13800
enchanter       14000
magician        14200
monk            11000
necromancer     13800
paladin         14000
ranger          13000
rogue           11000
shadow knight   13000
shaman          13600
warrior         11000
wizard          12000
Unbuffed Stats
Tanks 130K hps and 13,000AC min
Casters 100K Hps min
Mellee 110K hps min
Healers 110K mana Min

Note on Sponsors.
If you do not have a sponsor one will be assigned to you from our class leaders or the active raider pool. They will help guide you through your app period and let you know of issues to correct and provide suggestions and guidance.
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